April 29, 2014
A Serious Game of Professional Competence and Career Path Management

In 2010, Opcalia Ile-de-France, the Executive Employment Association (APEC) and the Ile-de-France Fund for the Management of Individual Training (Fongecif) launched “L’Enjeu Professionnel,” or “The Professional Stakes”, a Serious Game developed by KTM Advance. This attractive and entertaining tool (www.enjeuprofessionnel.apec.fr) allows employees of the private sector to discover various devices geared to professional advancement.

The trainee chooses from among five scenarios lasting 20 to 25 minutes that will allow him or her to unlock written resources pertaining to each adventure:

  1. Annual evaluation: preparing for and maximizing on this strategic meeting.
  2. Professional training: all throughout one’s career.
  3. Skills assessment: taking stock of one’s situation to prepare his or her professional future.
  4. “2nd half” Career Evaluation: what happens after “half-time.”
  5. Accreditation for prior experiences: trade in professional experience for a diploma.

The gameplay is of the “point and click” type. Add to this simple, quality graphics and an original script, and the player’s engagement and pleasure are guaranteed.

The operating principle is experimentation. Using a game character, the player explores and makes different personal and professional choices, reliving a day several times and trying different directions each time.

In just ten months and only via direct marketing, 6,200 players have logged on to play: http://www.enjeuprofessionnel.apec.fr/.

Some user feedback:
“Really fun, really playful. AND I was reassured with regards to my own professional orientation.”
“It allows you to answer some of the questions you ask yourself.”

You can watch the December 26, 2013 France 2 “Télématin” news report on “L’Enjeu Professionnel” here: http://telematin.france2.fr/?page=chronique&id_mot=21&id_article=38399.

Pour Pierre-Yves Le Lan, Market Manager at APEC, “This project is the result of good teamwork, and provides an enjoyable platform for messages that aren’t always easy to hear (…) The team at KTM Advance was extremely reactive and answered our questions quickly, all throughout the process.”

  • http://www.ktm-advance.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/2011-APEC-EnjeuProfessionnel-01.png
  • http://www.ktm-advance.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/2011-APEC-EnjeuProfessionnel-011.jpg

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