April 29, 2014

The AFINEF Conference took place on April 3rd, at the Forum des Images in Paris.
The Association aims at bringing together the actors of the Numerical Industry of Education and Training in France. The 26 members are as follows: 4n Media Group, Alterway, Educaweb, eInstruction, Encyclopaedia Universalis, GEDEM, GIE lesite.tv, Ilobjects, Itop Education, Jeulin, Kosmos, KTM Advance, Logica CGI, Microsoft, Milliweb, myBlee, PM Conseil, Promethean, Simple IT, SNE (Education), TELLMEMORE, Texas Instruments, Tralalère, Unowhy, Viforma, WebServices.

France has a real role to play in training and digital education. Faced with international giants, the country has accumulated a significant delay. While in the United States and Germany, the e-learning accounts respectively for 50% and 25% of the training, it is only 7% in France. However, the international competition around digital increases, it represents about 7.5% of global GDP. The phenomenon of MOOC and the success of BETT, are examples of our Anglo-Saxon neighbors whose scope continues to grow and that we must follow.

This 3rd Conference is an opportunity to capture a snapshot of the digital ecosystem and share the practices in four main areas: equipment, content, applications and services, with a focal point on e-Education. They are the result of a two-month collaboration between the companies of the sector (Afinef members). They worked on 25 specific proposals identifying ideas, mechanisms, arguments in favor of Education and Digital Training.
To download these 25 proposals: http://afinef.net/

Stéphane Distinguin, President of Cap Digital, opened the conference, followed by Hervé Borredon, President of AFINEF, who quickly introduced the digital sector. Yves Dambach, Vice-President of AFINEF, highlighted the issue of this Conference.

Gilles Braun from the Ministry of National Education (Advisor to the Minister of Digital) pointed out that for the first time, digital had entered the law of orientation and programming, to rebuild the school.

Anne-Laure Duchaussoy (DGCIS) recalled the special attention to these proposals. Sylvie Leloup from the educational services and Veronique Jacq from the CDC reiterated their support to the actions implemented by AFINEF.

The global market is structured around digital, the time has come to mobilize all over the world. We need to value numerous assets to take part in the digital race.

“We are proud of this 3rd National Conference on Digital Education and Training. It is a nice start of the common vision shared with the government to structure the industrial sector of digital education and put together in the heart of a connected and collaborative society.” Yves Dambach

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