April 29, 2014
A Business Game for Teams with Tablets, in a Gaming Room

Air Business Academy, an Airbus subsidiary, created a three-day business game for its clients to train as Air Managers and learn the ropes of airline management.

Game participants are divided into three six-person teams that must think collectively and decide on commercial strategy. At the end of each round, the teams write down their decisions. A trainer gives them feedback via a simulator that evaluates their results. The competitive spirit among the three teams, each one representing a different airline, strongly resembles that of the real-life market.

Air Business Academy modernized this training course by introducing plot twists in real time, thereby giving players a truly interactive decision-making tool, via the table.
KTM Advance developed this new business game application in 2013, giving Air Manager trainers a complementary teaching tool. It is a powerful and innovative product on the training devices market.

This application for digital tablet allows for increased real-time interaction with the trainer (who can, for example, adapt the level of difficulty or add other interactions), and more dynamic theoretical matches, as well as a decrease in transmissive training aspects. This new device was conceived to maintain the collaborative aspect of the business game. The trainer maintains the role of mediator and feedback provider.

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