April 29, 2014

Paris, March 14, 2012: KTM Advance is proud to announce that its project, “Disney Stars, Virtual Agency” won the prize for the Best Serious Game 2012 at the e-Learning Expo in Paris.

The e-Learning Expo is the principal French convention for online learning. It assembles more than 6,000 visitors for an event with more than 200 French and international e-learning exhibitors. This convention hosts 10 conferences focused on the multiple uses for e-learning and communication in the universal domains of job training and communication.

“Virtual Agency” targets 100,000 European travel agents in charge of selling travel days to vacationers of Disney’s large, Parisian theme park. Available in eight languages and developed in five versions – depending on the practices of a chosen country – this sales-driven Serious Game is cut into two stages of play.

“See the trailer for the Serious Game, ‘Disney Stars, Virtual Agency’”

Simulation of a sales office

In the first phase of play, the player is confronted with an infinite number of clients, which are randomly generated by the system. These clients are based on typological customers in the real world, whose in-game needs and constraints were derived from actual situations.

The player’s objective consists of creating the optimal, ideal vacation for each virtual client, based on their wants and in the perspective of a personalized sale.

In the game, the player should use:
-a multiple-step sales “process”
-communication actions
-services and products
-arguments against the clients’ formulated objections during the course of their vacation planning

These elements are mixed together through the use of action blocks (questions, arguments supporting the sale) and cards (products, arguments against clients’ hesitations).

Guided In the Resort

A successful sale is determined by a score and the possibility to “accompany” a client throughout their stay at the resort. The player finds themselves in charge of providing the maximum amount of services to their clients (travel, directions, restaurants, places to go, specific needs, etc.). In each unique situation, they acquire practical information and the qualities necessary for their profession.

Throughout their stay, the client and their family are confronted with a certain number of uncertainties, needs to be addressed, and inconveniences (for example: their 3-year-old child is too young to ride a certain attraction).

Each inquiry is displayed to the player, who must search the resort for the solution to the disagreement in question.

During their research, the player discovers and collects details about every aspect of the resort’s products and services. With each resolved situation, the player earns experience points and cards to play (a new product, a different sales pitch…). These new cards could allow the player to, for instance, offer a gift basket to the next client or to use more varied arguments to counter the objections of a client.

For more information, please contact:
info@ktm-advance.com/ 01 40 27 47 67

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