April 29, 2014

Developed in 2007 for BNP Paribas, this game was initially created as an integration project for candidates with internal mobility.

The objectives of this project were to get to know the group better, to learn about its institutional values and organizational principles in terms of jobs, activities and services, and ultimately to understand the logic behind the distribution of activities and that of the growth of a banking institution.

The project is a perfect example of a serious game. Excessively innovative for its time, it rests on a “builder” style of gameplay through which the player tries out different strategies by building up his or her banking organization, bit by bit. By developing the model, the player acquires a better understanding of the group’s jobs and of the general organizational logic behind banking. The game reposes on a simulator that guarantees high-quality feedback (calculating the financial impact of the game plays). This simulator was created with the close collaboration of financial experts.

Valérie Belhassen, Director of Training and Skills Development, BNP Paribas: “By playing Starbank the player is immersed in a banking system, and has to react as if it were real. Winning means you get it.”

When Starbank was released publicly in March 2009, 93,000 games and 20,000 players were recorded. Today the serious game is reserved for in-house use and achieves its objective: welcoming new entrants into the group. It is also used for in-house tournaments and team building.

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