KTM's key figures
KTM's key figures


R&D 1,5 M€/year in projects
Over 100 French and international major accounts
70 employees + freelance contractors. KTM Know-How

Entwicklung des Standard-Angebotes EDIT UP©  dank der finanziellen Unterstützung durch die Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation und die regionalen Fonds Finorpa SCR und Finorpa PP
Creation of the generic offer EDIT UP© made possible with the financial support of the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignation, Finorpa SCR regional funds and Finorpa PP
Turnover 2012 : 4,8 M€

102 maßgeschneiderte E-Learning-Programme und Serious Games
102 made-to-measure e-learning courses and serious games
Turnover 2011 : 4,5 M€

2.5 Mio € aus dem Investmentfonds CM-CIC Capital Finance zur Unterstützung der Forschungs- und Entwicklungsarbeit
2.5 M€ investment from the CM-CIC Capital Finance investment fund to support our R&D activities
Turnover 2010 : 2,5 M€


Turnover 2009 : 1,5 M€

Entwicklung des ersten Serious Game : Starbank
Creation of the first serious game : Starbank

Gründung von KTM Advance
Creation of KTM Advance

Our goal : performance on the pitch
“The digital medium is engaging.
Our goal is to take advantage of this possibility to engage and use it for the benefit of teaching.”

International dimension
international dimension

75% of our training systems have been rolled-out in foreign markets

An agency in Germany

European leader in interactive training systems

Numerous international trophies

Programs distributed in 30 foreign languages
Awards and distinctions

Awards and distinctions

Awards and distinctions : cap odyssey
Offices in France

KTM advance's offices in Paris, Strasbourg and Valenciennes







Our vision
“We will never again learn like before.”
The 21st century has seen how our relationship with learning has changed irrevocably.

KTM Advance has accompanied this change for the past fifteen years. In keeping with the expectations of public and private enterprise, KTM Advance offers a constantly renewed range of solutions, and continually strives to improve productivity gain.

KTM Advance’s pedagogical formats are, for the most part, experiential:
Entering a complex job simulation, the learner develops strategy and acquires operational reflexes that can be used in his or her professional field.

shooting game past futur

Transmissive Pedagogy - Experiential Pedagogy


Individual Formats - Collaborative Formats


Knowledge - Becoming Knowledge


Generic - Personalized


Imposed - Requested


1 hour to 3 days - 10 minutes


Doctoral - operational


Stationery systems - Portable systems


Closed Systems - Complex systems


Our approach
CM-CIC Capital Privé, Finorpa and the Caisse des Dépôts et Consignations investment funds endow KTM Advance with shareholders’ equity for its research and development activities.
caisse des depots finorpa cm-cic
KTM Advance regularly participates in conferences in France and around the world to present its vision of the future and its innovative distance-learning solutions.
Yves Dambach and Valérie Boudier co-authored a leading reference on serious games for Hermes Sciences Publishing. In 2013, KTM Advance created EditUp, a training platform integrating a catalogue of titles and a patented model for individual training.