April 29, 2014
ADEL, a New Employee Induction Project

Each year, Astrium welcomes over 1,000 new entrants to its 16 sites within France, Germany and Great Britain. Given the multiple activities of the Astrium group, it often takes new entrants years to fully grasp the extent of the group. ADeL (Astrium Discovery e-Learning) provides a solution to this problem with this interactive, multimedia presentation of the group.

By following the ADeL path, students will discover the key fields at Astrium, as well as the group’s different sites. Students will also discover the commercial challenges of the satellite and launcher markets, the industrial solutions Astrium has contributed, and the technological innovations of the group,

to name a few examples!

The ADeL project, released in 2012, is comprised of four “missions” that cover Astrium’s four main activities. Each mission lasts about 90 minutes and is divided into chapters and sub-chapters, thereby allowing each student to limit his training sessions to 20 minutes.

Sébastien Pellegri, Learning Manager and ADeL Project Manager at Astrium, shares:
“The collaboration between KTM Advance and Astrium was a long-term job. The project team worked for 2 years in a very well coordinated, proactive manner, with constant communication. This is a reflection of the top quality of KTM Advance: putting efficient project managers in contact with their clients, bringing their solid experience in project management to the table and, perhaps most importantly, their capacity to adapt to a specific and industrial milieu…Understanding the space industry and Astrium’s role in it in order to translate them into an interactive program that is comprehensible to the entire workforce was a major challenge: KTM rose to this challenge, with brio, and I am convinced that we wouldn’t have reached our goals had it not been for our partnership with KTM. If we had to do it again, we would choose them again without hesitation. The immediate feedback has been so satisfying. The key points are the simplicity of the program (ergonomics) and the pedagogical sequencing allowing for a rapid acquisition of knowledge. Of course, we will continue to analyze the feedback going forward in order to make any further improvements to this training program.”

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