April 10, 2015
End of serious game Professional Challenge

In 2010, APEC, Opcalia Ile-de-France and the Fongecif Ile-de-France launched a serious game “Professional Challenge” developed by KTM Advance. Last December 15, the website that allowed access to the serious game was closed. Following the reform of vocational training, some storylines were in fact out of date.

This attractive and fun tool allowed all private sector employees to accelerate their career by discovering the various devices related to professional development.

The learner could choose from five scenarios, each lasting 20 to 25 minutes, which allowed him to release of information resources at the end of each adventure: annual meetings, professional training, skills assessment, interview for second part of career, VAE.

Results of this successful operation:

– 70 committed companies

– 10,850 players who spent an average of 32mn on the serious game

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