April 29, 2014
Mail Carrier Academy, a Serious Game for Future Mail Carriers

In 2010, Formaposte, the training center (CFA) of the French postal service, or La Poste, asked KTM Advance to create a serious game for potential mail carrier trainees.

This device offers people considering a job with the postal service the possibility to try out a day in the life of a mail carrier before signing up to become one, giving them an opportunity to see if the job is right for them or not. According to Formaposte, more than 25 % of all trainees drop out before their trial period is up. Mail Carrier Academy has now become a pre-requisite to the application process.

This serious game belongs to the adventure games category. The game universe is realistic for increased immersion. During the mission, the player “works” a typical 6-day week and in different places (school, distribution center, etc.). This allows the potential trainee to imagine what it would be like to be enrolled in the training program, and evaluate his or her motivation. The player receives an accurate representation of this walk of life and can take stock of his or her interest in the job.

You too can try out Mail Carrier Academy at: http://www.formaposte-iledefrance.fr/portal_upload/jeu/

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