April 29, 2014
Helping Health Care Professionals Analyze and Write Complex Documents

The French National Authority for Health (HAS) helps regulate the quality of the health care system. Expert health care professionals regularly visit health care institutions to provide detailed reports.

To do so, they must evaluate the practices of each institution: patient care, quality levels as compared with the standard, dynamics of improvement, etc.
The HAS wished to provide health care experts with a module that would help them with their mission.

Module Objectives:
– To better respond to the collaborator’s needs, constraints and availability, diversify the training offer to include more open and more flexible learning methods.
– To complete/ replace traditional classroom-style training.
The HAS educational software is original in that it can produce a variety of pedagogical scenarios as the content parameters have been externalized. It was created for HAS writers/ trainers and can be quickly adapted to difficult cases.

  • http://www.ktm-advance.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/HAS_Rapport_de_certification_2.jpg
  • http://www.ktm-advance.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/HAS_Rapport_de_certification_3.jpg

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