April 29, 2014

KTM Advance, Europe’s leading company for tailored e-learning and serious games solutions, announced today that it has acquired the real-time 3D technology “Play All” of the famous video game development studio Darkworks.

This interactive editing and publishing solution has been renamed KTM 3D Simulation. Equipped with the latest rendering, lighting and special effect techniques, the engine can display very complex and detailed scenes with high quality graphics. In addition, it supports very high resolutions for total immersion of the player.

KTM 3D Simulation allows meeting the increasing demand for realistic visualization and high-end business simulations requested by industries like transportation, manufacturing, urban planning, and defense. This technology is also used for tailored serious games created by KTM Advance.

“Using this technology will enable our customers to benefit from the most powerful real-time 3D simulation on the market. Only three companies in the world, two in the U.S. and one in Germany, are able to compete with Play All” says Yves Dambach, CEO of KTM Advance. “We expect a significant improvement in our international market share from this strategic acquisition.”

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