April 28, 2014
ORANGE - Diversity

The training device “Diversity in Action!” was created for Groupe Orange in 2010. It presents Groupe Orange’s engagements and actions to promote diversity within the workplace, as well as the legal framework of the project.

Created for the group’s employees, the device aims to raise awareness of discriminatory behavior by:
– Identifying discriminatory behavior,
– Understanding the impact and repercussions one’s judgment can have on others.

By personalizing an avatar, the trainee is made aware of his or her own appearance and how it is perceived and judged by others. Immersed in a business world with a mission to complete, the player’s avatar might painfully learn that some of his or her attitudes are potentially discriminatory. Constantly confronted with ambiguous situations, the trainee must question his or her own prejudices and may also discover that the attitudes he or she finds discriminatory are not in fact.

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