April 28, 2014
Business Simulator, an Innovative Training Tool for Randstad Agency Management

In 2010 Randstad, the second world leader in Human Resources services, approached KTM Advance to create a training device dedicated to business unit management. Present in 43 countries, the group constantly strives to improve the performance of its agencies, and to facilitate the transformation of former Vediorbis agencies.

The objective is to convince trainees, in a playful and pleasant way, of the well-founded advantages to using the management software at their disposal.

Training Objectives?
– To improve client service.
– To increase the financial performance of the agencies.
– To fulfill Randstad’s quality standards.

“Randstad Business Game” models the workings of a real agency and centers on three main modules:
1. A repeated analytical and structural approach to agency data.
2. A diagnosis of follow-up measures to be taken, according to various results.
3. A plan of action: a veritable reconstitution of the decisions made.

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