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KTM Advance is part of a vast network of ideas and expertise, participating in and creating communities that think together, share ideas and mutualize plans.
AFINEF Association Française des Industriels du Numérique Educatif et de la Formation
KTM Advance created AFINEF (the French Association of Digital Manufacturers in the Fields of Education and Training):
Yves Dambach, President of KTM Advance and Vice-President of the AFINEF, aims to boost the economic development of manufacturers in the field, and to promote increased digital training in France, and other nations such as the United States and Germany.

Création du GIS (Groupement d’Intérêt Scientifique) Serious Game Research Network
Creation of the GIS (Grouping of Scientific Interests) Serious Game Research Network with the Jean-François Champollion University of Teaching and Research, University of Toulouse 3–Paul Sabatier, University of Toulouse 2–Le Mirail, University of Toulouse 1–Capitole, INP of Toulouse, CNRS-Midi-Pyrénées delegation, ENFA, the Albi District Council and Ludoscience.

Professional associations and networks contribute to the profession’s progress, and promote the uses and benefits of digital technology.
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