Onward towards the Serious Game!

Founded in 1995, KTM Advance took its present-day form in 2004 under the leadership of Yves Dambach, Robert Becker and Maxence Maire. They decided to bring together teams specializing in knowledge management and teams dedicated to e-learning conception and development. Since then, KTM Advance continues to provide innovative digital solutions to educational and training related challenges.
In 2007, Valérie Lavergne Boudier joined KTM Advance as the Scientific Director of the company. For the first time, the constructivist pedagogical processes of video games were conceptualized to the ends of formative applications.Still today, “Moonshield” for THALES and “Starbank” for BNP Paribas, successfully launched in 2008, remains as a reference in the field of serious games.

Report on Serious Game during national newscast on France 3, the February 22nd, 2011.
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