Our vision

“We will never again learn like before.”
The 21st century has seen how our relationship with learning has changed irrevocably.

KTM Advance has accompanied this change for the past fifteen years. In keeping with the expectations of public and private enterprise, KTM Advance offers a constantly renewed range of solutions, and continually strives to improve productivity gain.

KTM Advance’s pedagogical formats are, for the most part, experiential:
Entering a complex job simulation, the learner develops strategy and acquires operational reflexes that can be used in his or her professional field.

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Transmissive Pedagogy - Experiential Pedagogy


Individual Formats - Collaborative Formats


Knowledge - Becoming Knowledge


Generic - Personalized


Imposed - Requested


1 hour to 3 days - 10 minutes


Doctoral - operational


Stationery systems - Portable systems


Closed Systems - Complex systems