April 28, 2014
Suez Ambassador is a finalist for the Serious Game showcase and challenge, I/ITSec 2011

Suez Ambassador is a finalist for the Serious Game showcase and challenge, I/IT Sec 2011
The World’s Largest Modeling, Simulation & Training Conferences
Orange County Convention Center, Orlando, Florida

The Serious Games Showcase and Challenge
The objective of the festival “Serious Games Showcase & Challenge” is to identify the innovating technologies based on games so that they can improve training.

The Serious Game must have a well-defined challenge and consist of positive and/or negative reward system. It must overcome a specific problem or a defect, and provide appropriate feedback to the player about his/her efforts. All of the candidates were judged on the following three criteria:
1. The solution for the given problem
2. The technical quality
3. Playability / Ergonomics

The finalists of the festival “Serious Games Showcase & Challenge” was selected by a panel of industry leaders of games and academic domains, and were invited to present their Serious Game at I / ITSEC 2011 (www.iitsec.org), where more than 17,000 participants were reviewed and voted by each of the finalists.

KTM Advance was Selected To Present Their Final Project”Suez Ambassador”
Ambassador is a Serious Game based on the document “Corporate 4 priorities 12 commitments”: after having created their avatar, the player discovers their mission objectives and understands the importance of careers and what is at stake of the Suez Environment: the cycles of water and waste as well as innovations to develop new services.

To complete the mission, the student will be helped by his/her manager and an expert. This will allow him to win water, waste, and sustainable development skills. Over the course of the missions, the player will have the ability to add links with “Btwin” to his logbook to go further, once the module is finished. At the end of each mission, a report in the format “4 priorities 12 commitments” is produced and allows the student to visualize the subjects Suez Environment which are well integrated and those that are less integrated.

For more information, go to: http://www.sgschallenge.com

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