April 28, 2014
A Serious Game on Suez Environnement's Culture and Commitments

Suez Environnement is a world leader in water and waste management services, with 25 subsidiaries in five continents. The serious game “Ambassador” was created in 2011 for the group’s employees worldwide, including its new recruits.

Serious Game Objectives?
– To inform, giving the employee a detailed overview of the Group (the organization, its history, its jobs).
– To unite, sending a strong message about the Group in order to inspire commitment and a sentiment of belonging.
– To professionalize, giving employees access to information within the Group.
– To share, conveying the company’s common values and culture.
“Ambassador” is a building type of game. The player must build and manage water and waste management infrastructures.

This serious game received awards in 2011 and 2012 from several renowned juries:
– Trophy for the Best Serious Game 2011 at the Serious Game Expo in Lyon, France
– Award 2012 for the Best Game-Based Learning by the E-learning Journal, Germany
– Finalist for the Best Serious Game and People’s Choice Award at the ITSEC Festival in Orlando, Florida, USA

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