April 28, 2014
Thales - Moonshield

In 2007, Thales decided to adopt a strategy to consolidate its widely known and valued brand reputation, and facilitate the experience of newcomers to the company.

“With more than 6,000 engineers hired throughout the world each year, the challenge was to create a concrete and efficient training module that would improve Thales’ visibility and attractiveness as an employer,” according to Yves Dambach, KTM Advance.

Project Objectives?

– To promote the international dimension of the company.
– To make a complete and in-depth presentation of the Thales enterprise that would be understandable by everyone.
– To highlight the wide range of activities and jobs available in the Thales group.
– To allow players to project themselves into a potential job with Thales.

The solution was to be dynamic, entertaining, progressive and adapted to a young target group in search of “the new.” KTM Advance’s response was “Moonshield,” a serious game.

The player is projected into the near future. His or her mission is to use Thales technologies to defend the Earth against a meteor shower that threatens to destroy all life on earth. The player is in charge of a moon base and must strengthen his or her capacity to respond to the surrounding dangers. It’s a dynamic game of increasing difficulty: the better the player does, the harder the game gets.

The results obtained have proven the attractiveness of the game. Since November 2008 when Moonshield was launched, 450,000 games have been played. It has been downloaded to iPod, iPad and iPhone over 20,000 times. More than 50,000 visitors to Moonshield.com have checked out the company’s employment page (jobs.thalesGroup.com). Following the game’s launch, blogs and forums were created to chat about the game and exchange gaming information. There are posts on Twitter and Facebook as well.

For Yves Barou, HR Director for the Thales group, the project is a success: “Moonshield has definitely served the company’s image, and has strengthened the group’s reputation.”

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