April 28, 2014
A Serious Game about What's at Stake at the Core of Common Agricultural Policy (PAC)

The Cap Odyssey project was created out of a desire to mobilize European citizens around the Common Agricultural Policy (PAC), on the occasion of two key events: the 50th anniversary of the PAC in 2012 and its reform, scheduled for 2014–2020.
The primary target concerns the one million European citizens in the 15–35 year old age group. This population is by and large “urban” with no direct connection to agriculture.

The game begins before the PAC was put into place and allows the player to learn about the basics of agricultural policy: production, sales, price evolution, etc.

The Cap Odyssey challenge is to manage one’s farm in a sustainable and economically viable fashion, in light of European Union regulations.

The numerous PAC projects must be constantly adapted to the needs and expectations of Europeans:
– Food safety
– Farmer earnings
– Managing natural resources
– Climatic changes
– Price volatility
– Continuation of activity in rural areas

From the farmer’s preoccupations to the European Union’s regulation tools, this game puts the player at the heart of the PAC, its issues and its evolutions over the years.

Project preparation included a long phase of gathering information from economic experts at the Agricultural Ministry.
Cap Odyssey’s addictive gameplay can be broken down into seven missions and two movie bonuses, and includes an economic regulation simulator.

After just four months on line, Cap Odyssey has drawn over 16,000 players: http://www.capodyssey.eu

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