Analysis & Consulting


With 15 years experience in e-learning and Knowledge Management we can offer you the advice and solutions to capitalize on the knowledge and know-how of your company and develop its human potential.


In-company training practices are changing, organizations and management methods are in a constant state of flux, and the set of skills needed to perform any given job are constantly evolving. Given this state of constant evolution, ensuring that your employees master these new skills becomes critical, whether you are training sales representatives, deploying a new I.T. system, integrating  new employees, establishing a new organization, training in new technology, or presenting a new regulation.

Establishing a learning system (e-learning, serious games) is part of a company's overall development strategy, and must be regarded as one of many tools available to enable a company to grow and improve.


Our expertise

allows us help you build the training program which best suits your strategy, whether it's the process of acquiring job skills, a broader information process, or communicating and disseminating knowledge capital within an organization. The project must be addressed through an analytical approach that defines both the objectives of the project and the action plan to achieve them.


Starting with a detailed analysis of your organization:

 • corporate culture

 • strategy

 • field

 • history

 • practices

 • internal skills

 • motivation

 • teams


We'll work WITH YOU to fix the objectives of your training solution, and help you gather the collection of knowledge and job skills needed, IN ORDER TO MAKE YOUR PROJECT A SUCCESS.

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