The implementaion of your program in your I.T. environment is crucial to its success.

KTM Advance can provide you this expertise and strive to guarantee the success of your project through our teams of engineers specialized in industry standards (AICC and SCORM) and LMS, LCMS and CMS.


Our solutions

Our solutions are created for the long term.

Our objective at KTM Advance is to offer your organization more than just a one-off program. 


Therefore, each of our solutions are:

Easy to maintain and develop, thanks to our on-site production tool named “Editor” which helps you to update your KTM Advance's training without any help!

Readily adaptable to the specific linguistic, cultural or organizational context of each country in your organization

Each of our solutions are SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) compliant*

Easily uploaded to or downloaded from the Internet, Intranet, a USB Key, CD-ROM, or LMS, LCMS and CMS  


* SCORM is a set of rules that specifies the order in which a learner may experience content objects, with the following requirements: accessibility, adaptability, durability, interoperability, reusability.



Platforms & LMS



Learning Management System is used to manage your training, which allows you to:

diffuse pedagogical contents

entirely manage the training and its users: training managers, students, and administrator

follow the trainees: "Tracking & Assessment" thanks to the SCORM standard which has to be present on your learning solution (always present in the KTM Advance's!) and on your LMS.


Our expertise 

Our teams of engineers specialized in LMS know how to perfectly master:

Open Source Platforms

Platforms with commercial software licenses: Learning Management System and Corporate Learning System


Examples of platforms KTM Advance is used to work with: Claroline, CLIX, Cornerstone, Dokeos, E-learning manager (e-doceo plateform), Ganesha, IMC Clix, Learn Exact (Giunti), Learning Space 5, Lotus LMS, Mind on Site, Moodle, MOS, Saba, Spip, SumTotal, Syfadis, TopClass, WBT Manager, WCL IBM, etc.


To offer you the best prices in platforms, KTM Advance already has some strategic partnerships with major platform developers and software publishers.



You need a learning solution

& you are looking for a new LMS?

KTM Advance can help you to choose the best platform according to your needs and your technical requirements.

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