Research & Development

Innovation & Creativity

Two concepts that make KTM Advance unique.


18% of our annual turnover is consacrated to industry analysis and R&D (in emerging technologies, new media, and new methods) and an additional 7% is earmarked for training.
This may seem like a heavy commitment for a company the size of KTM Advance, but it is the cornerstone of our principal goal: providing you with a unique, creative training solution perfectly suited to your needs, using the most appropriate technologies available.
We are focusing on several issues:
 • the synergy between E-learning & Knowledge Management
 • the convergence of diagnostics, E-learning, & Knowledge Management
 • ad-hoc learning communities

In addition to our permanent industry analysis and R&D in:
 • Flash technologies
 • linked to e-learning & knowledge management, particularly platform development

 Nomade technology
 • Quality Assurance,  a collaborative project with the AFNOR establishing a set of best practices in e-learning
 • Localization & voice recording methods
 • Project engineering



Valerie BoudierThe head of the Research & Development team at KTM Advance is VALERIE LAVERGNE BOUDIER.

Ph D “Information Retrieval Systems”, Valerie has devoted over 15 years to problems related to knowledge transfer. Her mission as a Knowledge Manager in KTM Advance combined with her teaching experience particularly in emerging countries, made her think about the future of classical education models. Mother of four children, both students and Internet users, she closely observes the young generation resolutely waiting for new devices to access to knowledge.


She also wrote "Serious Games, a Revolution in Learning" with Yves Dambach, CEO of KTM Advance.

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