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business simulator

KTM Advance launches a new range of solutions : Business Simulator

On April 21st, 2011, KTM ADVANCE introduces «Business Simulator", a new range of “Serious Games”. Objective: to improve the performance of the managers of business unites.

france 3

Television report : Serious Game by KTM Advance

France 3 (French famous TV channel) has guest KTM Advance to bring its expertise on the domain of Serious Game through a television report broadcasted on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 in the television news.

serious game pedagogical revolution

Serious Game, A Revolution in Learning

This book provides a conceptual view of new operational and training solutions. It examines the educational potential of these through the analysis of specific cases, while delivering the key methodological and techniques needed for their implementation.

intraverse award

International IntraVerse Awards for Starbank!

Starbank The Game developed by KTM Advance on behalf of BNP Paribas just won the FIRST PRICE in the “Serious Game” category at the International IntraVerse Awards 2011!

logo moonshield

Moonshield: The Online Serious Game Developed By KTM Advance For Thales  Is Launched On the Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Mobile Platforms

Moonshield is the first serious game offering an exceptional depth of play to be offered free to the public as a mobile application.


Conference on “Innovations and international perspectives of the Serious Game” by KTM Advance. June 23rd, 2010, Paris. With the participation of Noah Falstein

KTM Advance, one of the main actors in the serious game market in Europe and soon based in the U.S., gave some feedbacks about worldwide serious game manifestations with a focus on the “Serious Game Summit” of the “Game Developers Conference” (GDC).

villette cite sciences


Thales, BNP Paribas, L'Oreal, and MEA-I  (NGO in Geneva sponsored by Hewlett-Packard), presented the results of their collaboration with KTM Advance, while Alphega (Healthcare Alliance) unveiled its on-going project.


KTM & Thales join forces to bring you Moonshield

KTM Advance is proud to announce its latest production in the field of serious games, Moonshield for Thales. Available online since October 2008.


STARBANK the game, a Serious Game for BNP Paribas

KTM Advance creates a new game to introduce the BNP Paribas Group to new employees.

Blossom Flower project for MEA-I

Blossom Flower project for MEA-I

MEA-I is an international, non-profit organization that facilitates knowledge and access to IT by deploying innovative learning programs through widely available technology. MEA-I is mainly sponsored by Hewlett-Packard (HP). MEA-I’s special expertise is in programs for communities that are underserved in information technologies.


Serious Games invasion !

French press review about KTM' Serious Games...

4 Serious Projects Selected By The French Government For KTM Advance

Following the call for proposals "Serious Game" launched in the “Digital Plan” to revive the economy, the French Government has selected 4 projects in partnership with KTM Advance.  


Making Waves - KTM Advance in the Press in 2008

2008 has been a banner year for KTM Advance, & the press has followed us all the way. To read all the articles published this year, just follow the links ...


E-Learning, Serious Games, LMS Platforms, & SCORM 2004 - Ktm Advance takes aim at 2009

In concert with our recent serious games projects, KTM Advance has continued to  offer our clients the same high quality e-learning programs they've come to expect, with new, recently delivered projects


The Summit of Serious Games

The Serious Game - Advergames convention at Paris La Villette  organized by KTM Advance with BNP Paribas and Thales was a huge success that confirms the interest of the subject and its development.


Serious Games In Autumn

KTM Advance and its partners will kick off the autumn with the Serious Game - Advergames Conference in the...


iCAT - Air Traffic Control Simulator

This year Eurocontrol will launch a new flight data processing system to replace an outdated flight server, in order to improve air safety and communications. Eurocontrol chose to retain KTM Advance to create the critical e-learning program, the key to preparing their personnel for the flight server simulation and accreditation on the new system.

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