The KTM Advance Team


A Team. Your team.


On a constant quest for talent, KTM Advance has put together a development team made up of outstanding artists, experts and developers who master the most cutting edge techniques and tools on the market. It's through the multiple talents and know-how of our development team that we are able to attain the exceptional quality that defines KTM Advance's products.


Your Team will be always composed of one (or more) people from each of the following sections:



Project Directors & Project Managers - In charge of piloting a project, Project Directors at KTM Advance have produced at least 5 significant projects similar to the client's current project. They are often assisted by a Project Manager.



Game Designers - They are the ones responsible for designing the content, the rules of a serious game, the gameplay, the environment, and the storyline. The game designer always works with the knowledge management expert, respecting the KTM Advance methodology of a project. Senior game designers come from the video game industry, have more than 8 years of experience, and are often assisted by a junior game designer.

Instructional Designers - The Instructional Designer is responsible for transforming raw information and documentation into training content. Their professional experience, centered on pedagogy and training content, allow them to intervene in numerous fields. In charge of storyboarding a project, the instructional designer can be the interface between the client and the development team.



Creative/Art Directors - Creative/Art Directors are responsible for the overall look and feel of a project. Each of our creative/art director has successfully deliverd at least 10 projects, and masters an average of 5 different graphic styles. This allows KTM Advance to distribute our projects to a director who is an expert in the artisitc style the client wants.

2D & 3D Artists - In charge of producing and animating 2D and 3D simulations, descriptions, explanations and narrations, our artists work with the lead artist to bring the storyboard to life. Our artists are chosen for their artistic talents as well as their mastery of their tools (Flash or 3DS Max in most cases).



The Technical Pool - Made up of several programmers, developers, and network administrators, our technical pool is grouped by poles of excellence and managed by a senior director with at least 5 years professional experience in the field. The technical director is in charge of all I.T. aspects of the project, the proper implementation of the application in the client's environment, and complience to norms (SCORM, AICC, etc).

Platform Experts - The principal poles are: LMS (Learning Management Systems), CMS (Content Management Systems), networks, integration, mobile technology (Iphone, Ipad, Ipod Touch), and CD-ROMs.  



Actors & Audio Engineers - The essentail element of our "sound on" / "sound off" productions. We use professional actors to record the audio portion of our products. Our clients are able to choose from a wide range of voice actors, all native speakers in the language or languages of the training course. The voice-off is recorded and produced by a professional audio engineer in Strasbourg (Seat of the Council of Europe. English and French are the two official languages.), who is also in charge of sound effects and music.



Quality Assurance & Tests - Our quality manager is in charge of the e-learning and serious game quality, service quality, and the means to achieve these standards. He has more than 6 years of experience. His missions are to implement the ISO standard at KTM Advance, and to manage our test pool. Testers are responsible for testing every one of our e-learning/serious games from a technical point of view. Our playtest coordinators are in charge of recruiting the testers according to the client wishes (target of the e-learning/serious game) for a final round of tests.



General Management.


Yves is the founder and CEO of KTM Advance. Since 1985, Yves has been putting his experience with both public and private sector clients with the same passion for quality.
He has created some of the most exemplary training solutions of the past 20 years and over 100 projects in e-learning and serious games. His products are efficient and innovative training tools which are changing the face of the serious game market. Yves Dambach is also a training expert at Cap Digital (the Ile-de-France innovative cluster for digital content) and administrator of FFFOD (French Forum for Open and Distance Training). Over the years he has garnered numerous awards, including the prestigious France Télécom innovation award, the Creusot Festival, or the Tribune/Journal du Net annual prize.


Valérie is the Senior Knowledge Manager of KTM Advance (PhD Technical and Scientifique Information). 20 years in Cognitive Engineering! She is responsible for the management of all the contents of the training projects undertaken in KTM Advance. She recently wrote the book "Serious Game, a pedagogical revolution" (Editions Hermes Science Lavoisier (2010)) with Yves Dambach.


Robert is the Business Development Director of KTM Advance. He's in charge of relations with our most faithful clients, as well as bringing the company a wealth of exciting new projects and clients. Robert has been working with Yves Dambach for over 30 years.

The eye, the touch, and the style which make each of KTM Advance's products "seriously fun". Loïc comes to KTM Advance from the games industry, and is our Artistic Director. 


Maxence MAIRE
Ask Max a technical question about a platform; he masters an impressive number of them. Talk to him about SCORM, AICC, ISO, an LMS, or an LCMS - he's unbeatable! Technical Director of KTM Advance, Max has been working in training industry for 15 years - a veteran in this universe.

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