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KPMG - Mission S.A.S

In this video, Monique Kwiatowski (Deputy Director, Academic Supervisor) and Francois Amiot (Head of Mission) at KPMG. KPMG International is the first French group of multidisciplinary services.

In order to better prepare employees to ECCE offers, KPMG wanted to set up a system for multimedia training. The stakes are as follows:
- Increase the knowledge of the overall ECCE offers
- Develop skills synergies between the internal departments
- Improve the quality of formal proposals to customers
- Increase responsiveness and unforeseen management

Look at KPMG’s feedback on the training developed by KTM Advance.






Lord Culture - "Rio Forward + 50"

In this video, Grégoire Chailleux (Digital Project Director).

Towards the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro and the participants of the Earth Summit in June 2012, this collaborative serious game (declined on the web, tablet and Twitter) has been developed to raise awareness of sustainable development issues. The goal is to participate in the development of virtual Rio through collaborative voting actions, "push" actions to balance the game when an indicator reaches a critical threshold, ARG and continuous actions.






France 3 - Report on " Business simulator" - RANDSTAD

In this video, Jean-Luc Ferraton (ITEC-PRD - Global Head of TSM team)

The French TV Channel France 3 invited KTM Advance on Tuesday, 22 February 2011, to provide expertise on the serious games at the newscast .







In this video, Olivier Guillot (Chef de Projets FOAD), Claire Regnier (Chef de projets formation)

Tutorials device TAM-TAM is a training for health insurance technicians. Its architecture is modular to suit different organizations and business developments. This rich learning can evolve towards the common Foad in order to soften the device while maximizing instructional effectiveness.






Eurocontrol - "I-cat"

In this video, Herman Baret (Directeur de programme), Nick Miller (Executive Manager Airspace & system).

To prepare operational staff to launch the new server flights, Eurocontrol has decided to build a training program with KTM Advance, consisting of a first course followed by an online certification training on a simulator system in real time.






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