Banque Populaire (BPCE Group) wanted to develop the knowledge of their account managers to allow them to gain time during meetings with a client and to prepare mortgage loans.

Project Objectives:

Train new bank personnel to prepare mortgage loans and transactions

A Serious Game to understand a process

The Project:


A bank just arrived in a burg. Quickly this burg becomes fancy and everybody is looking to build houses there!

But they don't have enough money and they need some financial support...

Your mission as an account manager of the BPCE bank will be to investigate your clients and to decide weither or not you can accept their request! If you do, then you will have to prepare their mortgage loan and send it for final approval to the "back office".

The back office's final decision is critical and you better have done a good job if you want to get a promotion!



The Serious Game developed by KTM Advance is based on a card-game gameplay.


Step by step the learner will understand how to prepare a mortgage loan for a client who wants to buy a property: questions to ask to the client, documents to request, calculations, etc. A real investigation!

The learner will then decide weither or not the mortgage loan can be accepted by the bank. If he thinks it can be accepted, the learner will have to prepare the mortgage loan and send it for final approval to the back office.


During the game, the player has to :

Meet his/her clients and understand their requests

Decide whether or not to finance the project and explain the reasons

 Detect errors and risks

Correctly prepare mortgage loans to get awards and a promotion



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