SERIOUS GAME - Induction Program "Ambassador" for SUEZ


The Suez Environnement Group has more than 25 subsidiaries worldwide. These subsidiaries don’t have enough information and tools to present the Suez Group to the newcomers.


That is the reason why Suez required an interactive induction training program dedicated to >

The newcomers to have an interactive presentation of Suez

All the Suez employees to know more about their company and commitments

Project Objectives:

Ambassador is a training based on the Suez Environnement’s document: “4 priorities, 12 commitments”. Through various and successive missions, the trainee has to manage, build, and develop an environmental performance system model for water and waste management of a city, thanks to the Suez buildings, professions, and innovations.


Through the serious game, the learner progressively understands the Suez Group:

its professions, areas of expertise,

its waste and water cycles,

its commitments and its sustainable development actions.

The Project:


Over the last several years, Suez Environnement developed a model environmental performance system for water and waste management.

As an Ambassador of Suez, your mission will be to progressively develop this system into a new city. You will be helped by a Suez manager who will explain to you how to do so.



Concept & Gameplay:

This serious game is based on a builder management gameplay.


1/ A Mayor of a city asks for your help: "I would like to set up an efficient waste management system. This will help our community develop while working towards an acceptable rate of waste recycling and recovery. I'm counting on your help!"


2/ Discover your mission and tasks objectives.

In this example, your task objective is to build a waste sorting center. The learning objectives are to:

Understand the waste sorting & treatment process

Develop an eco-friendly mode of transport

Ensure your employees' health and safety


3/ Explore the city and ask your manager how to fulfill your tasks.

To do so, move around a city and develop it while using Suez Environnement professions, actions, and technologies (design a glass depot, collect bins, repair the sorting system, train its employees about safety, etc).

Each time you will achieve one of your tasks, you will have to face a difficulty. Like the city's population will grow, producing more paper, cardboard, plastic waste. So you will have to rapidly adapt your system to the new situation :)


4/ Once you success your mission in a city, the mayor will congratulate you & will recommend you to another mayor, asking for help! :)



 Results & Awards: 

BEST GAME-BASED LEARNING 2012 AWARD from the "e-learning journal" newspaper during the Zukunft Personal exhibition, Germany (pic1)

Link of the news > click here

BEST SERIOUS GAME AWARD from the Serious Game Expo, France (pic2)

Link of the news > click here

Selected as a Finalist at the Serious Game Showcase & Challenge /IITSEC for the 2011 Best Serious Game (business category) & the 2011 People's Choice Award, Orlando, FL

Link of the #SGSC > click here


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